News: Northern commuters face big rise in fares for evening travel + CBT petition

Extension of peak rail fares hits travellers in Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, Sheffield and Newcastle

“Rail passengers in the north of England are facing large increases in the cost of travel after the introduction of peak evening fares on train services from Monday. The new rules mean passengers in Greater Manchester and parts of urban Yorkshire will no longer be able to buy off-peak return tickets for travel between 4pm and 6.30pm. Peak or “Anytime” tickets cost typically 40-50% more than off-peak fares.” Guardian 8th September 2014 Read more here.

The full CBT release ‘Government hits part-time workers with 100% fare increases on Northern Railis here:

Extract ‘Campaign for Better Transport has criticised plans to increase fares on Northern Rail’s city commuter routes by up to 117 percent from this evening. The charity has highlighted how part time and shift workers will be hardest hit by the introduction of new evening peak fares on routes including Wigan to Manchester and Hexham to Newcastle.

Martin Abrams, Public Transport Campaigner, Campaign for Better Transport, said: “This fares increase threatens to make rail travel unaffordable to tens of thousands of part-time workers. Despite Government promises, there are no flexible tickets for the increasing numbers who work part time or anything other than traditional 9 to 5 hours. Their only option is to pay for individual tickets, which will now be double the price on Northern Rail’s most popular routes.”

Their ‘No Northern Fares Hike’ petition is here. Please circulate to your contacts. And their Rail in the North ‘myth buster’ is here.