News: West Yorkshire CA seek opinions on transport plan: 30th April deadline

Anyone wanting to submit their views on plans for transport improvement plans in West Yorkshire has until the end of April 30 to do so. West Yorkshire Combined Authority invites views from individuals and businesses on its Single Transport Plan for West Yorkshire – a 20-year vision for developing an effective, efficient and integrated transport network for the Leeds City Region.

Details of the plan are available online at and copies are also available from travel centres at West Yorkshire’s Metro bus stations. This initial engagement on the Single Transport Plan will be followed by a more formal round of consultation in summer 2015.”
bradford Tel & Argus 20th April 2015  Read more here.  The WYCA webpage is here and you can download the report here. Complete the online survey here.

The Plan’s 5 Core Principles (actually 5+1) are these:

Core Principle 1: One System, High Speed Ready

The ambition is for a ‘metro-style’ public transport network that integrates all transport modes, including High Speed Rail, into one system that is easily understood, easy to access by a range of options and offers quick, convenient connections.

Core Principle 2: Place Shaping

The ambition is to make our cities, towns and neighbourhoods more attractive places to live, work and invest, with an emphasis on improving road safety, air quality, the image of places and the health of residents.

Core Principle 3: Smart Futures

The ambition is to exploit technology to improve the customer experience and assist effective management of the transport system. This includes development of real-time customer information, extending payment options to include a ‘best value’ offer and extension of smartcards to car clubs, cycle storage, charging points and taxis.

Core Principle 4: Inclusion

The ambition is to offer a high level of access by public transport in our urban areas. However, we also have to consider our extensive rural areas, where we will look to more imaginative solutions through collaboration with other public and private operators of vehicles. We also propose using a wider range of transport options such as car clubs, car sharing schemes, taxis, private hire vehicles, linked into the development of local transport hubs.

Core Principle 5: Asset Management

The ambition is to manage all of our transport system – roads, bridges, street lights, public transport stations and shelters, footways and cycle routes – in a way that offers maximum value for money and meets the needs of users.

Cross Cutting Principle: Low Carbon

The ambition is to contribute to national and international targets to cut carbon emissions from the transport sector by making substantial progress towards a low carbon, sustainable transport system for West Yorkshire.