Transport for the North strategy: documents to download

Anthony Rae writes The core proposition of the TfN strategic transport plan – that improved pan-Northern connectivity will support sustainable transformational economic growth – is built up from a pyramid of underlying analyses, so it’s important for consultees to have familiarised themselves with that extended case. The STP places repeated emphasis on this ‘evidence base’ – e.g “The process of developing the Investment Programme has been evidence-led” – but its Appendix A does not list all the detailed TfN reports etc which are available to download.

So here’s a list of the important reports with download links but NB I’ve not added on this page any critique as to their strengths and weaknesses. That’ll be provided in separate articles.

The Strategic Transport Plan itself, and summary Key Messages booklet. Related to these is the Future Transport Demand report

Various sustainability appraisal reports: Main report, an executive summary, and some technical appendices

The Independent Economic Review (June 2016) is made up of a Core Messages report and an executive summary; and then underlying these a GVA Performance Gap Analysis, and Scenarios for Future Growth, together with a review of pan-Northern capabilities (economic sectors) and local area profiles

Modal reports – Road: a Major Roads report and Key Messages summary; Rail a Long-term Rail Strategy and Key Messages summary; Aviation & Ports and International Connectivity report and related Evidence report

A report by Campaign for Better Transport on the key challenges and opportunities within the emerging strategic plan identified by environmental and community sector stakeholders (December 2016)

There are also quite a number of reports and factsheets from June 2017 and before that you may want to look at, but which also may have been superceded.