News: Could Manchester ever be as bike-friendly as Copenhagen… ?

“… where almost half of people now cycle to work. The experst says it’s a long road ahead. Transport for Greater Manchester aims to increase four-fold the number of people cycling to work over the next 10 years – but even that ambitious target would still leave us a long way short of Europe’s bike capital.

Manchester is one of six cities in the country aiming to use the Danish city as an example of how the love of two wheels can change a city. And Copenhagen’s reputation for being the most-bicycle friendly city in the world is justified. In Denmark’s Capital Region – an area roughly equivalent to Greater Manchester and Cheshire East – 41 per cent of all trips to work and study are made by bike in the City of Copenhagen, with a goal to reach 50 per cent by 2015. That compares to just 2.5 per cent of commuters travelling by bike in Manchester – with ambitions to make it to 10 per cent over the next decade.’
Manchester Evening News 4th October 2014 with lots more analysis and comment