News: ‘Stop arguing over the figures and give the North a fair deal on transport’

Yorkshire Post 24th January 2018  “Without significant investment and new powers for northern transport bodies similar to those enjoyed in London, “we will continue to live in a nation which is dangerously unbalanced”, according to a hard-hitting report by IPPR North. The think-tank’s analysis shows that from 2017/18 onwards, planned transport infrastructure spending per person will be five times higher in London than in Yorkshire and the Humber, whose total of £844 is the lowest of all English regions.

This contradicts figures released by the Government before Christmas, which said that spending in the three northern regions per head would be slightly higher than in the South between 2017/18 and 2020/21. According to IPPR North, this interpretation is misleading, as it excludes the £56.2 billion of central, local, private and public spending planned for after 2021, most of which disproportionately benefits London.

It also fails to account for nearly £12bn to be spent by Transport for London following a deal agreed by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling which allows the capital to keep its own business rates to spend on transport, the report says. Previously much of this funding would go to the Government and be distributed around local authorities nationwide.”

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