Yorkshire Post Manifesto: ‘Making Yorkshire’s transport fit for purpose’

16th March 2015 Yorkshire Post

‘Our Yorkshire Manifesto’

The next government should…

* Commit to delivering HS2 sooner and a timetable for HS3

* Give clear timescales for the delivery of existing major road schemes in Yorkshire and future upgrades to key routes such as the A64

* Develop a properly integrated rail network to allow seamless travel across the North

* Give Yorkshire transport bodies powers to shape local bus services that meet the needs of their communities

* Invest in improved connections to Yorkshire’s airports and set out a clear strategy for regional air travel

“…This region has suffered decades of under investment by Governments of all colours, the consequences of which are felt every day by commuters who must endure a transport system that quickly grinds to a halt at the first sign of problems. And figures recently published by the IPPR North think-tank on planned transport spending suggests that trend is set to continue with Yorkshire getting £395 per head compared to London’s £3,095. If they are serious about narrowing the economic imbalance between Yorkshire and the South, the winners of the election must commit to sustained investment in the region’s transport infrastructure.”
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And Transport North! comments: Congratulations to the Yorkshire Post for their regional manifesto; on the whole the political parties don’t bother so somebody else needs to pick up the torch.  As for their chosen priorities, 3 out of 5 is … not bad, but previous studies demonstrated conclusively that A64 widening was hugely expensive, and – as we’ve commented elsewhere – there’s absolutely no case for ‘improved connections to Yorkshire’s airports’. And why spend money on regional air connectivity when you’re also prioritising HS2 and HS3?

Read the Yorkshire Manifesto’s sections on Energy & Environment here and Devolution here.