NvS: IPPR 2011 ‘Transport spend per head is £2,700 for London but £5 per head in North East’

In December 2011 IPPR North published their analysis of the imbalance in North-South transport spending

“Londoners benefit from more money per head on transport spending than all of the other regions combined, a new report by the think tank IPPR North published next week reveals. Despite London being the UK capital and the host for the 2012 Olympics, the report says transport investment is still unbalanced.

IPPR North analysis shows transport spending is:

  • £2731 per head in London
  • £792 per head in the South East
  • £311 per head in the East Midlands
  • £269 per head in the West Midlands
  • £201 per head in Yorkshire & Humber
  • £134 per head in the North West
  • £43 per head in the East
  • £19 per head in the South West
  • £5 per head in the North East

Analysis by IPPR North shows that almost half of major transport projects involving public funding benefit only London and the South East accounting for 84 per cent of planned spending. This is compared to 6 per cent in the North of England as a whole and only 0.04 per cent in the North East.”

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